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Jill on set of One Thousand Chemical Hypotheses Concerning the Subterranean Realms
Jill on set of One Thousand Chemical Hypotheses Concerning the Subterranean Realms

Jill and Mike met the old-fashioned way: on the Internet dating site OkCupid. Mike saw a quirky photo of Jill kissing a prop fish head and sent her a message: “Hey, you seem like a lot of fun and a foot shorter than me…” That was the beginning.

Mike was in the thick of editing the film he’d written, From the Rough, while Jill was freelancing as a Production Designer. Jill wasn’t sure what to make of Mike. Not after the first date, or the second. But on the third, they watched Community and shared a frozen pizza. Love bloomed.

Mike on set for From The Rough
Mike on set for From The Rough

Happily ever after? Not so fast.

After several more dates, no more than two months into their courtship, Jill told Mike she’d been offered a job at a “living museum” in North Carolina. On a whim, she asked Mike if he’d accompany her on the drive across the country. On a whim he said yes. The final coda for a romantic fling.

Or was it?

Five days later Mike and Jill arrived at the “museum,” a multi-story cluttered attic filled with yarn but no shower where ten people were to live for the next nine months. Spoiler alert: it was a cult. Jill escaped a month later and spent two more months living with her Aunts Gayle and Jackie in Niagara Falls, NY, before returning to LA. She and Mike had been talking by phone a couple times a month since their trip, and now they were reunited forever.

Or were they?

Mike will take the blame here: in late August, he got cold feet. This unpredictable relationship seemed to be moving toward a commitment he wasn’t sure he wanted, and he asked to take a “break.”

Needless to say, the year and a half Mike and Jill spent apart was utter hell. Dredging up the details would be too painful for words, so let’s skip ahead to the fall of 2012, where another curveball awaited…

After a call out of the blue, Jill and Mike had dinner at their favorite old diner, Fred 62 — which has since been remodeled, and the magic is 80% gone — and took in a show at their favorite burlesque dive bar, Jumbo’s Clown Room — great as ever. The groundwork had been laid for a new chapter in their lives.

Just one problem: Jill had moved! She was working at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, an hour and a half away without traffic. (And there’s always traffic.)

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That’s how it began, again. Mike visited Santa Barbara in January for a wine tasting weekend, and their on-again-off-again relationship became on-again-forever, eventually leading to a move-in at their current North Hollywood residence and an engagement on Friday, March 18, 2016. He popped the question with the bottle of wine from their first Santa Barbara wine tasting date, at their NoHo home. [LITERAL SPOILER ALERT: the fine wine had not aged well.]

12 months to the day, we come to the wedding. If you believe in fate, you know that every part of this story, the ups and the downs, were essential to making this couple who they are. If you don’t believe in fate, fake it.

Jill and Mike thank you for joining them to celebrate on this wonderful day.